Left Bank Humanities Foundation (LBHF) Projects

Left Bank Humanities Foundation (LBHF) is currently applying for nonprofit status, a recognition that will enable us to better serve our virtual community. We look forward to supporting various projects such as teaming with National Public Radio (NPR) for community discussions on literature, art, and history, especially in rural areas where access to such forums is limited. We also plan to spotlight writers, artists, musicians, designers and others that we feel deserve special recognition in the arts and humanities community. Please tour the list of our current projects.

SPotlight On Talent!
(Project: SPOT!)

The EJ-SPOT! program brings people of note in your local communities to our cyber-neighborhood for recognition.

electronic Distribution in Art and Literature (Project: eDiAL)

The eDiAL program produces and promotes e-Books from the works of those "residing" in our virtual neighborhood. Our first effort is an anthology of poetry inspired by the life and work of Sylvia Plath. We are currently seeking submissions for this 2011 publication.

Featured Language Interpretation Project
(Project: FLIP)

The FLIP project translates select LBR profiles and LBR features from English to other languages. The FLIP project also translates select profiles and papers from other languages to English. Djuna Barnes is our first subject. Spanish is our first featured language.

Feminism and Cultural Environments - Understanding Perspectives (Project: FaCE-UP)

The FaCE-UP project introduces the influence of feminism on the arts and humanities from a variety of cultural perspectives. The first point of view is from a Palestinian Christian, Ms.Susan Muaddi Darraj.

Artificial Intelligence - Help Online Selective Training (Project: AI-HOST)

The AI-HOST project explores the possibility of wedding the latest in artificial technology to distance learning, linguistics and online help systems.

Keep checking this page for updates as we continue to define and to implement our project goals!