The Left Bank Review Makes it to the 21st Century!

After four years of promising our readers a more modern website with features they're familiar with on FaceBook, Wordpress and MySpace, we replaced our core Front Page website file structure with Drupal, a data-base driven web application framework well known to the pubishing industry. We look forward to your participation on our new journey! Our first new feature will examine the work of Julia Gordon-Bramer and her surprising discoveries regarding the Post-Modernist era poetry of superstar Sylvia Plath. Our editorial staff will be discussing American Society in Transition, 1910 - 1940. Our contributing editor Margaret Pomeroy, will be examining the work of one of the most influential theater practitioners of the 20th century, Bertolt Brecht. Also included will be an introduction to west coast author, Christine Hughes.

Late 19th Century Captured in Early 21st - photo by gn duncan